Matoaca Mega Site Rezoning

This site has been set up to share information about the Matoaca Mega Site rezoning case.

If you have questions, you can send an email message to:

You may also leave a message at (804) 426-3694.

Community meeting have been scheduled. The schedule can be viewed in the table below.

September 21, 2017 UPDATES

There is a change of venue for the October 2nd community meeting.

The meeting on 10/2/2017 will be held at the Carver Middle School – Auditorium at 3800 Cougar Trail, Chester 23831


The Chesterfield County Transportation Department has posted detailed plans of the proposed East-West Freeway.

View the proposed road plans from links on this page:

Matoaca Mega Site Community Meetings

Date Time Location Address Topic Format
9/20/17 7:00pm Carver Middle School – CAFETERIA 3800 Cougar Trail, Chester 23831 Matoaca Megasite Open House
10/2/17 7:00pm PLEASE NOTE: This is a change of venue.
Carver Middle School – Auditorium
PLEASE NOTE: This is a change of venue.
3800 Cougar Trail, Chester 23831
Matoaca Megasite PLEASE NOTE: This is a change of format.
Presentation and Open House
10/3/17 1:00pm The Heights Baptist Church – 17201 Jefferson Davis Highway, South Chesterfield,  23834 Matoaca Megasite Open House
10/3/17 7:00pm PLEASE NOTE: This is a change of venue.
Thomas Dale High School – Main Auditorium
PLEASE NOTE: This is a change of venue.
3626 W. Hundred Road, Chester 23831</span
Matoaca Megasite Presentation and Open House

Matoaca Mega Site Vicinity Map

Approximate site boundaries are shown in the shaded area.

Matoaca Mega Site – Frequently Asked Questions

General Economic Development Questions

  1. What specific action is the EDA taking?
    • The EDA is seeking to rezone 1,675 acres from residential (R-12) and mixed use (C-4) to industrial (I-3) use, which is heavy industrial.
  2. Is the proposed use consistent with the Comprehensive Plan?
    • The current Comprehensive Plan shows the intended property uses for either industrial, corporate or research & development.
  3. What will the project be? What could it be?
    • The project will be used to attract a large industrial user to the property. The types of projects we are trying to attract frequently employ 2,500-5,000 people directly, create up to 10,000 total including supplier jobs, and make billions of dollars in investment at a location. The most common uses of these ‘mega sites’ are automotive assembly and parts, aerospace and advanced manufacturing.
  4. When will we know what it would be?
    • We will know when we have successfully prevailed in a site selection competition for one of these projects.
  5. How big is the site and how much will be used for the end user?
    • The site is 1,675 acres, however, the end user will use a portion of this for their manufacturing facility, logistics and other support services. A large portion of the land will be designed to create a buffer with the surrounding communities.
  6. How many jobs will this likely produce?
    • That depends on the final user, but the types of projects we are trying to attract often bring 2,500-5,000 well-paying direct jobs and up to 10,000 total jobs, including quality jobs from suppliers.

East-West Freeway and Other Road Issues

  1. How will the project impact the roads around the site?
    • The EDA is very sensitive to the road network in the area around the site and will be working with the Chesterfield Department of Transportation to understand potential impacts. The proposed end user will require the East-West Freeway to meet the vehicular needs of the new site.
  2. How does this plan compare with what is allowed under the current zoning?
    • The current zoning allows up 4,988 residential home units to be constructed as proposed by the Branner Station development. Preliminary calculations indicate the proposed industrial use will generate less traffic than if the site developed within current zoning.
  3. How much additional truck traffic will be on the secondary roads?
    • The overwhelming majority of truck traffic going to and from the site will be on the East-West Freeway.
  4. Is the project dependent on the new East-West Connector to I-95?
    • Yes, the project is dependent on a direct connection to I-95.

Other Infrastructure

  1. Will there be other infrastructure improvements in the area?
    • Yes upgrades of rail infrastructure and utilities will be part of the project.
  2. Who will pay for the infrastructure?
    • Local, state and federal funding sources will be used to fund infrastructure improvements.
  3. Will the site have rail access?
    • In all likelihood, the site will require rail access. Fortunately there is a CSX rail line not far from the site allowing for a track to be constructed into the property along the same route as the East-West Freeway.

Neighborhood Concerns

  1. What will be done to keep noise levels down near the site?
    • The Chesterfield Noise Ordinance governs noise levels in the County, and the end user will be held to these standards. There will be a distance separating the adjacent homes from the industrial operations. This distance, including a tree buffer, should insulate local residents from most of the noise.
  2. Are there height restrictions for the end user?
    • Yes, 150 feet. One exception to this will likely be a water tower that will require a variance.
  3. What will happen to housing values in the area?
    • We hope housing prices increase as workers at the site try to locate near their place of employment. The buffer between the project and homes should also help mitigate potential concerns.
  4. What will the County/elected officials do to ensure community concerns are addressed?
    • The Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors meetings are for the purpose of addressing the concerns of the residents, imposing conditions and ultimately deciding whether the rezoning should be approved.

Environmental Concerns

  1. What kinds of pollution will come from the facility? Will it run off into the Chesapeake Bay tributaries?
    • The environmental implications will depend on the final end user. However, all targeted large industrial users will be required to adhere to all legal requirements and obtain permits from the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality.
  2. Will the wetlands on the property be protected?
    • The qualifying wetlands will be subject to the existing state and federal environmental protections and procedures.